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Pantry Pasta with Tuna and Tomatoes

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Serves 4

Pasta with Tuna and Tomatoes


1 tsp. Olive oil

1 Garlic Clove, minced

1 Small Shallot, minced

1 Carrot, diced (optional)

1 15oz. can, No Salt Added Diced Tomatoes, strained, liquid reserved

1 5 oz. can, Tuna in Olive Oil, drained

Salt, Pepper, Dried Basil and Oregano to Taste

8 oz. Whole Grain Linguine


Add 1 tsp oil to a 12” sauté pan.

Over medium heat, sauté garlic, shallot, and carrot, in oil, until soft, fragrant and translucent..

Add tomatoes, and season with salt, pepper, dried basil and oregano to taste. Cook over medium low heat, until warmed through. Add tuna and stir gently to distribute. Add extra tomato liquid, if sauce begins to get too dry. Taste and adjust seasoning, if necessary.

Meanwhile, cook linguine according to package instructions. Drain and add to sauce once complete. Mix contents to distribute evenly.

Serve with grated cheese if desired.


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