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Valentine’s Day Date Night In- Dessert and Wine Tasting

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

What’s one of the most sensual things that we do each and every day? It’s eating!

So why not connect with your partner over an activity that truly celebrates the sensual side of eating in a fun and unique way.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Recipe for “Strawberry Flight”

  2. Bottle of wine (I’m using a Rhône style one for this pairing today, but your local wine and spirits shop should be to help you in making a great selection)

  3. Two wine glasses

To prepare:

  1. Set the stage: this experience will only work if it’s free of distractions. That means, no cell phones, no TV, just you and your special someone. Of course candles and mood lighting will be something I’m sure your partner will appreciate.

  2. Learn a little bit more about the history of the wine and the tasting notes. You can find some information on Rhône style wines here: Wine Folly: Time to Try ‘GSM’ The Côtes du Rhône Blend, Rhône / GSM Blend

  3. Read “how to taste”.

How to taste:

We can learn a lot about tasting food, by the way we are guided to taste wine.

Have you ever been to a winery or a wine and spirit shop and been led through a tasting? Do you remember how that person leading, shared with you the components in the wine, how it was made, the conditions of the climate, the soil, the weather that vineyard had that season, the process of picking, sorting, fermenting the grapes, that all made that wine unique? And, that was even before tasting! This is one of the first components in truly learning to taste, becoming aware and keeping in mind all that went in to making that wine or food, or selection, that you’re are about to drink out of that glass, or eat off your plate.

Once poured, you observe the appearance of the wine, the color, and translucency.

You swirl the wine in the glass, allowing it to aerate and breathe in the aroma.

And, then you taste. You hold the wine in your mouth noticing the flavors, the texture on your tongue, and swallow, noticing what lingers and other characteristics that come through on your palate.

We can do the same thing with eating, and when eating and tasting wine. How does food taste when incorporating these concepts? What about when the same food is paired in different preparations? How do the flavors change when paired with wine? Are certain components enhanced?

Use these concepts as you go through this dessert and wine pairing.

The activity:

Eating and drinking with all of your senses: appearance, touch/texture, aroma, flavor, and sound.

Take a bite of the plain strawberry, and then a sip of wine. What do you taste? Did the flavor of the strawberry change when paired with the wine, or vice versa? How?

When you and your partner are ready, move from the plain strawberry, to the macerated strawberries and ricotta cheese, and then finally to the chocolate covered strawberry. Move on only as you are ready, tasting the different components on the plate, and going back and forth as you please.

How did the flavor of the strawberry change? What happened when mixing with the cheese or the chocolate? And, when sipping the wine, how did that change the flavor, and textures on your palate?

Eating is so truly unique and individual. Have fun, get flirtatious, and be sure to talk about this tasting experience with your special someone!

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