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Seasonal Springtime Salad

A seasonal salad with mixed greens, strawberries, radishes, asparagus, and goat cheese.

Serves 4


7 oz. Mixed greens (I used a combination of romaine, arugula and spinach),washed and drained

1/8 c. Strawberries, washed and thinly sliced

1-2 Radishes, washed and thinly sliced

4-6 Asparagus spears, grilled, and cut into bite size pieces

1 oz. Goat cheese, crumbled

Optional Mix-ins:

Nuts or seeds, chopped pistachios or sunflower seeds might be nice


Feel free to pick one that you enjoy. I often pair this recipe with is a Balsamic Vinaigrette or Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing.


Place the greens in a bowl, top with remaining ingredients and add in any optional mix-ins.


Allow guests to dress their own salad. Not only can they choose their desired amount, but if you have any salad leftover, it will keep longer in the fridge.

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