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Breakfast Made Easy

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

A High Quality Breakfast for a High Quality Day: We have probably all heard that breakfast is good for us in so many ways, yet, for the majority of us, this meal seems to get lost, forgotten or skipped, with all of the hectic schedules we carry each day. With the following tips and tricks you can be well underway to enjoying a stress free meal that will help propel you throughout your day. To assemble a high quality breakfast: Try and pick at least three different food groups, using the recommendations the dietary guidelines suggest as a guide:

  • Make half your grains whole

  • Go lean with your protein

  • Get a variety of fruits and vegetables (and remember all forms count)

  • Opt for low fat dairy

A good combination will include both protein (most often coming from dairy, meat, eggs, seafood, poultry, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds), and complex carbohydrates (from whole grains, fruits and vegetables). This will help us to have sustained energy and may help us to feel fuller longer, to help carry us through our morning exercise, classes, tests, morning meetings, presentations or whatever else we have, or may not have, planned for that day! Now that you know the components to a high quality breakfast, here are some tips for success:

  • Plan ahead: think about what it is you will have. Make sure you have the ingredients on hand.

  • Prep: pre-portion and chop, so that you are ready to assemble and go.

  • Assemble and Eat.

Breakfast does not have to be fancy, just remember to think in terms of three!

Looking for some more easy and quick breakfast ideas?

Check out : 15 Busy Morning Breakfast Ideas, for 15 ways on how to create a balanced breakfast fast.

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