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15 Busy Morning Breakfast Ideas

Easy for parents and easy for kids. When time is short, check out these 15 Busy Morning Breakfasts that come together quick.

15 easy breakfast ideas to help you get your kids fed and out the door:

Clock for Quick Breakfast Ideas

  1. Frozen waffles/pancakes with syrup, fruit, yogurt/cottage cheese and/or milk

  2. Cereal/oatmeal with milk and fruit

  3. Bagel/English muffin/toast with nut butter, milk/drinkable yogurt and/or fruit

  4. Smoothie with bagel, cream cheese/peanut butter/butter

  5. Cinnamon toast with yogurt/milk and fruit

  6. Hard boiled eggs/any eggs with any grain of choice and veggies/fruit

  7. Peanut butter banana coins and milk

  8. Dried cereal with smoothie/drinkable yogurt, and fruit

  9. Egg cups with toast/English muffin or stuffed in a pita, with veggies and/or fruit

  10. Baked oatmeal cups with milk and fruit

  11. Toast/bagel/tortilla with cheese and/or deli meat, and fruit

  12. Waffle sandwich with peanut butter/cream cheese, fruit and/or milk

  13. Granola bar/pretzels with a smoothie or drinkable yogurt/milk and fruit

  14. Yogurt with granola/nuts/seeds and fruit

  15. Leftovers from the night before

Looking for more tips on how to create a balanced breakfast?

See here, for a how-to guide in building an easy balanced breakfast:

What is your family's go to busy morning breakfast that you like to have? As always I invite you to share, leave a comment and reply!

15 Busy Morning Breakfast Ideas

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