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3 Budget Friendly Meal Ideas

Canned beans make for a convenient way to make low cost, flavorful meals that won’t break the bank.

If you are in need of some budget friendly meal ideas, give the following recipes, featuring canned beans, a try!

  • Each cost less than $1.50/portion

  • Freeze beautifully: so stash any leftovers in your freezer to reduce food waste at home, and have a pre-done-for-you meal/snack on hand. 

  • Are nutrient dense: each budget friendly recipe, here, features whole grains, a variety of colorful vegetables, and lean protein from beans.

Cost per serving: $0.68*

Pasta e Fagioli

Made from items you may already have in your pantry and fridge! Pasta e Fagioli, is a recipe that is convenient and quick.

Cost per serving: $1.21*

Enchilada Casserole

Just look at those layers! This yummy enchilada casserole proves that budget friendly eating can be both impressive and delicious. with three layers stacked!

Cost per serving: $1.35-$1.49* (store brand yogurt, versus the one I used, respectively, cost includes a whole wheat pita serving too)

Baked Falafel

These baked falafel balls are so versatile and freezer friendly, you can make them ahead of time and keep in your freezer to have on hand.

Cost saving tips:

  • Purchase club pack varieties of items, like peppers and onions.

  • Try store brand options of ingredients.

  • Skip convenience if you can. To save a little money, I purchased block cheese, and grated it myself. 

  • Another option is to look for frozen pre-cut veggie mixes to save some time and some money when shopping for convenience and keeping food waste in mind.

  • Any leftovers of ingredients for recipes, like extra chicken broth or enchilada sauce, freeze, so that you can make the recipes again, or use in a different way!

I hope this gave you some inspiration for some healthy budget friendly meal ideas!

Looking for more ways that you can save money on food?

Check out:

It’s here where you can learn more about meal planning, creating a grocery list, storing food properly, and using leftovers too!

For more resources to help with keeping food costs low, click this link for some additional info.

Please Note:

*The following prices should be considered estimates for each recipe. Costs will vary based on where you live, the store you purchase, and the prices on the day that you purchased. They are based on the amount of the ingredient used in each recipe. Regular pantry staples like salt and pepper, were not tallied in this equation.

Have a tip to keep your food costs low, or a favorite budget friendly meal idea?

Feel free to comment in the space below!

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