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April Fools' Day Food Fun

What seems to be, maybe quite isn’t!

Have a little fun with these food related April Fools' Day ideas.

6 Ways to Spread a Little April Fools' Day Fun

1) It’s an egg, or isn’t it?

April Fools' Day "Fried Egg", made with peach and yogurt.

It looks like a fried egg, but really, it’s yogurt and a canned peach halve, sprinkled with your choice, cinnamon, poppy, chia or flax seeds. Serve some cinnamon toast on the side, for it to look like a complete breakfast, or pair with some nuts and granola for a fun April Fool’s Day Snack. 

2) Brown-Es

April Fools' Day Brown Es

I made you something! 

Cut Es out of brown construction paper and present on a plate, or in a covered container/pan/in a baggie for your kids to find. 

Surprise! It’s a Brown E…get it?! Brown E? 

3) I’ve got my eyes on you!

April Fools' Day Fruit with Googly Eyes

Get little googly eyes and place on anything you can think of. Here I placed on an orange and banana. Just make sure you supervise your kids, and make sure they know not to eat them!

4) Moldy old sandwich?

April Fools' Day Moldy Sandwich

Make a sandwich, and use some olive juice,  to place some dots of “mold” on the bread. Adorn with a creepy crawly gummy worm, or a plastic spider, to add in a little more prankster fun. 

Be sure to let your kids know- it’s just olive juice, not mold! 

5) Smashing Sundaes!

April Fools' Day Smashing Sundaes

Serve up a side of these mashed potato sundaes, topped with gravy, for a fun dinner side! 

6) Care for some chocolate? Foil fun.

Remove the chocolate from a foil wrapped chocolate, and replace with a grape. When your special someone opens the foil, it probably won’t be what they expected to see- what a grape?! 

After you have a laugh, be sure to offer your loved one a real piece of chocolate to enjoy now or later, and enjoy your April Fools' Day fun. 

Did you give any of these April Fools' Day food pranks a try?

Share your experiences with them in the comments!

I can't wait to hear all about it!

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