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3 Benefits to Eating Local Produce

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Have you ever tasted a tomato in winter, and then one in the summer? How did they compare? What about one produced out of state vs. one grown close to home? I bet you’d notice a difference-especially in flavor!

With the harvesting season in full swing, it only seems fitting to talk a little bit about the benefits to eating local and in-season produce. So here are three:

1. Good for you:

Eating local produce is eating with the season, and when we eat with the season, it means that we can be assured that the food we purchase is at its utmost peak, not only in flavor but also nutrient quality.

2. Good for the environment:

Purchasing local produce helps to reduce mileage, packaging, and energy needed to keep foods fresh, as it gets sent from the farm, to the grocer, and then to you.

It can also help preserve precious land for green space and for farmland too.

3. Good for the community:

When we purchase local foods and produce, not only does it help to support our local farmers, and their families, it also gives our local economy a boost.

Wondering what produce is in season? Visit here:

Need ideas for where you can buy local produce? Check out:

Local Farms:

  • Some may have their own market or roadside stand

  • Some may let you pick your own produce, click here for some places.

  • Some may offer a CSA (community supported agriculture) program. Click here for a listing.

Farmers Markets: Click here for where you can locate one.

Headwater Food Hub: Headwater Food Hub is an organization that works with regional farmers and food producers to deliver sustainable foods to customers year-round.

Grocery Stores- many are now carrying and featuring fresh, locally grown produce! Look for a display sign that will share with you what farm it came from, and where it is located.

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